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A little bit of history

Manniello Boutique Hotels

Dear Guests and Readers,

In the second half of the nineteenth century, a young man from Sorrento, Antonino Ercolano, entered the seminary, but an outside adventure, made him fall in love with a young lady and led him to abandon his ecclesiastical life.

Therefore Antonino decided to put into practice what he had learned whilst working in the kitchens of the seminary. In 1878 he bought two small rooms which he transformed into a small restaurant and called “La Favorita”, a name still kept today. Some friends, who were used to spend their time there, nicknamed him "O' Parrucchiano" which, in the Neapolitan dialect, means parish priest. This name, over the years, has become synonymous with the restaurant.

Since Antonino had no children, he took his nephew Giuseppe Manniello to help him carry on the culinary traditions of the place. This is how the second generation of Sorrentine restaurateurs began. In 1940 "O' Parrucchiano" entrusted the running of the restaurant to his nephew, who with new ideas, relaunched it thanks to its historic local cuisine.

In the early 1960s, Giuseppe decided to build his first hotel assisted by his three sons who were in their early twenties. In 1969 they opened the Grand Hotel Ambasciatori, followed some years later by the Grand Hotel De La Ville, then the Grand Hotel Capodimonte and finally, the Grand Hotel Royal.

This is how the third generation of hoteliers-restaurateurs started and still carry on the work begun more than one hundred years ago. The three sons, now helped by the fourth generation, continue today to develop and improve the four hotels and the historic restaurant "O' Parrucchiano".

The Customer in our Hotels is the protagonist together with us of an authentic and personal story that reflects itself in a "tailor made" experience”.

With our best regards.

The Manniello Family